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Family owned and operated, JE Clark II Corp has been keeping its customers on the move since 1970. In an effort to bring you even more convenience and fueling locations, Clark Corp became an independent franchisee of Pacific Pride Services in 1996. Completely remodeled in July of 2011, our Santa Paula location offers the following:

· 24/7 state-of-the-art fueling
· High Speed Truck Island with Premium On-Road ULS Diesel #2 and Satellite Fueling
· Gasoline Island with Regular and Premium Unleaded Gas
· “Contractor” Island with Regular Unleaded Gasoline, Premium On-Road ULS Diesel #2 & Premium Dyed ULS
Diesel #2 for off-highway use
· Diesel Exhaust Fluid available 24/7 through the Cardlock system

We realize you have a wide range of choices for your fueling needs and we truly appreciate the trust and confidence placed in us. We promise quality products at a competitive price and guarantee superior customer service.

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